Packshare is a new way of thinking about packaging.

Identifying the problem

With the rise of online shopping and mail order, thousands of Australian businesses are shipping products every day. These products need to be packaged to keep them safe, but as soon as they arrive at their destination – whether that’s another business or a consumer – the packaging becomes waste.

The result is that in every town and city in Australia, some businesses are buying in brand new packaging materials whilst others are paying to have the same materials taken away, and yet more households are putting their cardboard, jiffy bags and bubble wrap in their recycling and rubbish bins, while their next-door neighbours are selling things on eBay and having to buy the same materials in.

Here at Packshare Australia, we believe reusing packaging makes good economic and environmental sense!

What is Packshare?

Packshare is a searchable database of Australian businesses who can reuse packaging.

It is also a database of Australian businesses who have packaging to give away.

For individuals to give away packaging or to receive packaging you just have to follow the steps.

For business, registering to accept packaging or registering to give away packaging is easy and you can self-manage your information with your own login details.

As well as giving and receiving free packaging, Packshare helps businesses to engage with customers and other businesses in mutually beneficial relationships, and promotes businesses who reuse packaging to potential new customers.

Our Purpose

Packshare Australia is a community service. We’re not a business and just like the founders of Packshare in the UK, we have other jobs and professions. Our only motivation is to reduce waste by helping people connect and use what already exists in the world.

Currently the packaging life-cycle is incredibly wasteful. Businesses spend huge amounts of money on packaging, carefully pack items for safe transit, send them out to consumers, who promptly tear it off and throw it all away. Here at Packshare Australia, we believe reusing packaging makes good economic and environmental sense! Packshare is already enormously successful in the UK and we hope Australians embrace it in the same way.

Why Packshare?

Reduce waste

Packshare keeps packaging out of landfill or from being recycled unnecessarily.

Reuse packaging

Packaging takes loads of resources and energy to make. It is often designed to be strong so it can usually be reused multiple times.


Reducing waste on your own can be overwhelming but if we do it collectively as a community, it becomes much easier and can be pretty fun.

Packshare partners

Here at Packshare, we are excited about all forms of waste reduction and using what already exists in the world. We are all about working collectively and as a community.


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