About us

We find local businesses who accept packaging for reuse and those who give it away for free. Watch the video to know more.

About us

At Packshare Australia, we simply believe in using what already exists in the world. This saves money, resources and landfill space.

Packaging by its very nature is made tough to last. Let’s use it over and over until it can’t be used anymore.

Currently the packaging life-cycle is incredibly wasteful. Businesses spend huge amounts of money on packaging, carefully pack items for safe transit, send them out to consumers, who promptly tear it off and throw it all away. Packshare enables people to find businesses local to them who can re-use that packaging, easily locate them on a map, and donate it when they’re nearby.

As well as getting free packaging, Packshare helps businesses to engage with potential customers and other businesses in mutually beneficial relationships, and promotes businesses who reuse packaging to potential new customers.

Why Packshare?

Reduce waste

Packshare keeps packaging out of landfill or from being recycled unnecessarily.

Reuse packaging

Packaging takes loads of resources and energy to make. It is often designed to be strong so it can usually be reused multiple times.


Reducing waste on your own can be overwhelming but if we do it collectively as a community, it becomes much easier and can be pretty fun.


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